New Ahe video from Antonio Part I

long and cool video of Ahe / don’t forget to wacht part II as well! – makes us want to go back pronto!


Whale shark picture of the week

Whale shark calender by Markus Roth now for sale

One of Germany’s leading marine life photographers Markus Roth visited Ahe Dive resort this year and had some unique encounters with the resident whale sharks. His beautiful pictures where compiled into a gorgeous whale shark calender. The benefits of the calender will go to the Scubasigns Foundation.

For more information please visit Markus’ website

Whale shark picture of the week… The Jan-Frans special

A whollatta sucking going on .. Whale shark pic of the week

More pictures here

Now read the Whale shark article in Scubadiver Australasia for free

Due to overwhelming demand the editor in chief of Scubadiver Diego Garcia decided for the first time during a running issue to put the article online so everyone can read it for free!

Please go to

whale shark picture of the week

selamat makan / see more whaleshark pictures here

Ahe dive resort hits cover Scubadiver Australasia .” Discovery of the Decade”

Scubadiver Australasia just hit the shops with the whalesharks of Ahe on the cover and a story on the whalesharks by ‘yours truly’ Get your copy or have a peak at the digital version here

Whale shark picture of the week… hand feeding

Never saw this one before… the fishermen and whale sharks over here have developed a special relationship. The fishermen feed them small fish  by hand.

Handfeeding whale sharks

Lupi master in command

The crew of the yacht Meduse heard about our beautiful island with our resident whale sharks and decided to travel half the ocean to pay us a visit. The captain called in the help of our team to guide the yacht to a save anchor place. For thirty minutes our dive guide Lupi was master in command of the 60 meter yacht. Exactly on ‘Lupi’s’ spot he commanded the captain to drop anchor. The following two days we dived with the Medusa crew between schooling whale sharks. The crew already had the opportunity to M/Y meduse at Ahe Dive Resortdive in hotspots like Palau, Galapagos and Antartica but they said they never encounter anything like this in the world. Some crew members even deleted all their pictures to save room for the whale sharks. Lupi stayed that night on the yacht as guest of honour. When he returned to Ahe next day he was speechless and still a bit freezing due to the air condition.


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